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Note From The Publisher:

Attention local Pittsburgh Music Artist, I need your help building this new music network.

It’s yours to use to promote your music to the Pittsburgh area.  However, I need you to post your music videos, music playlist, press release about your music and you can even blog about your music.  I will take your music and feature it on this page and though out the site and syndicate it via rss feeds.  It is simple to post your music here.  First register for an account.  Yes, it’s free.  Once you have registered come back to this music page and click on the “Post Your Music” link and it will take you to the Post Page.  It will explain how to add your music to the site.  If you get stuck adding your music, ask me for help.  This site is a social network.  So you will get a music page here, where your fans on the site can interact with you.  I thought about building a stand alone Pittsburgh Music site, but decided one built with the other features of this site will bring more readers and in turn you more new fans.

Why should I waste my time posting my music on this site.  It’s still small yet?  Maybe you’re saying that to yourself.  Well if your serious about your music you will not care about that because your getting your music in front of local Pittsburgh’ers.  Plus, I have other tools to get your music heard.  I will use those tools to build this network and promote your music.  I also publish an Indie Music Network, that has worldwide members, with a pretty nice following of Twitter Followers who all like indie music.  In the future music post here will auto post to my Indie Music Network and to my music twitter page.

Thanks for your help,

Jeffrey (Publisher)


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Use The Comments Area To Share gigs your playing, band members wanted, links to your music pages, etc.  Please use the “Post Music” link at the top of the site to submit music videos, playlist, press release and blogs.  If you post them below they will not get featured on our site and in our feeds.


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