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Free Business Directory Ads – Your post expires after 90 days, but you can renew it as often as you like.  Free Ad post require you to give us a ‘shout out” by placing a banner or link back to www.pittsburghwebsource.com some where on your web site.  You’re welcome to use our logo banner if you like.  Linking back to us also helps you, as the more link backs to our site.. the more people who will see your post.  Pittsburgh’ers helping Pittsburgh’ers : )  No Photos permitted with the free post.

3 Month Featured Ad – $150.00 – You can upgrade your listing to featured status. Featured listings will appear on top of regular listings in the order the ads are placed. “Featured Post” advertisers do not have to link back to our web site.  One Photo is permitted.  Barters are welcome.  You’re welcome to offer us a trade of services in lieu of paying for a featured ad.  Post a free ad then contact us via our Profile Page to get it upgraded to a featured ad.  We will need the link to your free ad.

Why do Ads Expire?  Because we want our site to be fresh with current content and you’re able to offer coupons or special offers on your post.  Changing your offers from time to time bring readers back to your page to see what’s new.  You can renew you’re post as often as you like, however you can not have the same ad posted more then once at the same time.  We randomly reward members who use the site a lot, with featured ad space as a thank you.

By clicking the links in our classifieds / business directory section you confirm that you are 18 or older and understand personals may include adult content.  However, You Agree NOT TO POST PHOTOS, VIDEOS OR GRAPHICS WITH ADULT CONTENT.  Please report suspected exploitation of minors and illegal content.  Housing Discrimination by race/origin, age, family status (‘no kids’ ‘ideal for one’), disability, creed, sexual orientation, or income source is illegal under fair housing law. Describe premises, not people.  See all terms via link:

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